Every year the Canadian Blood Services hosts the Sirens for Life Campaign in communities all over the Country in which Fire Fighters, Police and Paramedics compete for the highest number of blood donors during that time.  This year, Sirens for Life is taking place during the months of July and August.  Donors can donate blood on behalf of any of the First Responders to help with this fun competition while also making a difference and potentially saving a life.

In addition to the Sirens for Life Campaign, the HPFFA also hosts an internal Platoon Challenge, to see which Platoon is most willing to roll up their sleeves. Each Platoon was assigned a date to donate as a group in July.  As well, HPFFA friends and family are encouraged to donate on behalf of the Platoon of their choice any time during the campaign.  Any HPPFA members who missed their Platoon date can donate anytime in July or August..

Remember – you can donate every 56 days for men and every 84 days for women. Please call 1-888-2-DONATE, visit www.blood.ca or download the APP to make your next appointment!

Check out the 2018 Sirens for Life photos in the Gallery!

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