Sirens for Life

The Sirens for Life is a national challenge created by Canadian Blood Services and involves Fire, Police and Paramedic services competing against each other for highest blood donors.  In 2016, HPFFA members made over 70 donations!  Each of the Platoons have been assigned a day in July to donate with almost 70 donors signed up again. 

C Platoon had almost 30 donors on July 4!  What a great turnout!  Thank you to the members of C Platoon for setting the pace!  A, B and D Platoons are scheduled for later in July.

We need your help though.  If you didn’t sign up and are an HPFFA member, you can donate anytime in July.  If you are a family member, friend or just want to support the HPFFA, please make an appointment and make sure to register at the front desk with the HPFFA sign-up sheet to be recorded for the Sirens for Life competition.  Please call 1-888-2-DONATE to make an appointment at the Hamilton location: 35 Stone Church Road, Ancaster.  It’s in you to give!