Under the leadership of retired HPFFA member, Dave Graham, another great soup was cooked up on Monday, February 4th and served at SoupFest on Tuesday, February 5th!  What was the occasion?  It was LivingRock’s annual fundraiser “SoupFest” at the Hamilton Convention Centre. Along with the multitude of restaurants who participated and created their own soup concoctions, Dave and his HPFFA sous-chefs, made a Roasted Butternut Squash soup with aged cheddar and cream ale!  tn QIRKE3670

As in previous year, the HPFFA crew also fundraised for LivingRock with a boot drive and were ecstatic to present $1500 to the charity at the end of the event.  Thank you all who donated into the boots.  Every donation helps a youth in need in Hamilton!

Special thanks to Dave Graham and all the members and friends who volunteered for this great cause.

Click here for the complete SoupFest 2019 gallery.

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